A Song in the Night


Paperback: 516 pages

Publisher: Grosvenor House Publishing Ltd


ISBN-13: 978-1908596635

 For lovers of inspirational fiction,

a new novel by Julie Maria Peace

'A Song in the Night'


Their births separated by almost a century ...

Rosie Maconochie - a young woman with a dark secret.
Sam - an infantryman fighting to survive on the notorious

Western Front.

A chance discovery in an old bookshop seems, at first, quite insignificant. But when Rosie's circumstances take a sudden, terrible turn, her tenuous hold on life is shaken to its roots. Soon she begins to find her journey uncannily mirrored in a manuscript penned by an unknown soldier. Both of them struggling with the issues of mortality and meaning, both staggering helplessly towards breaking point - what awaits them as they go over the top?

Life, death, eternity. In every generation, there are some questions that remain the same. Set on two timelines, this compelling story will speak to anyone wrestling to understand God’s heart for this broken world.


 A little note from the Author ...


'A Song in the Night' is my first novel and has been quite an adventure to complete. A number of folk have asked me why I wrote it. Well, for starters, I've always loved writing and, from an early age, have had it in my heart to write a book. Guess I had to wait for two things. First, the time and opportunity to get on with it. Second, the slow maturing of several ideas which eventually made me feel I had a story worth writing.  

Around the time of my conversion to Christianity, I was studying WW1 French literature at university. Somehow, the image of men living and dying in the horror of the trenches became for me a powerful metaphor for the human condition in its alienation from God. With our world increasingly facing distresses beyond its control, I wrote ‘A Song in the Night’ to explore those eternal issues that have pertained to the heart of man since the very beginning.
Hope you enjoy.



The Lark Ascending 

The Lark Ascending, by Ralph Vaughan Williams, plays a special part in my book and is one of my very favourite pieces of music. It was begun in 1914, around the outbreak of the First World War, and it conjures up a rich, pastoral image of an England that was soon to be changed forever.  Poignant, evocative and beautiful, it's a musical snapshot of bucolic loveliness. I'm sure this was the picture so many of our brave lads carried in their hearts as they made their way to the trenches. If you've never heard this piece before, check it out. I'm sure you'll agree it's just glorious.  




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